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IP-Special: EVS, James Stellpflug

James Stellpflug ist VP Product Marketing bei EVS, einem Unternehmen das für seine Server, Slomo-Systeme und die Second-Screen-Lösung C-Cast bekannt ist. Im folgenden finden Sie die vollständige Version seiner Antworten auf die Fragen von — in englischer Sprache.

IP for broadcast was amongst the hot topics at NAB and IBC. What is your opinion concerning this topic?

From EVS’ point-of-view, IP has been a core component of production workflows for many years, both as an enabler for file-based operations and for enabling team members to better collaborate and access media throughout the broadcast plant. The next step for IP is to now migrate the live linear flows from an SDI realm to IP-based flows. This will enable the broadcast industry to better leverage the benefits of the convergence between the IT industry and the future of broadcast infrastructure.

Currently the industry discusses several standards and methods in IP based production and transmission, SMPTE 2022 and AVB being amongst them. Which standard does your company support — and why?

While there are many emerging standards today — they’re only valid if widely adopted. At EVS we’re embracing SMPTE 2022 in upcoming product evolutions but are encouraging all industry vendors to ensure compliance and adoption of open standards. If we don’t allow customers to choose the best-of-breed solutions to ensure an open interoperable ecosystem, then we’re not doing the industry justice.

Which areas of the broadcast industry will be the first to adopt and implement IP based technology?

IP-based technology is nothing new – it’s already at the heart of many broadcast facilities. It currently allows all the file movement operations today and will continue to further expand the flexibility around these operations.

Then it will move beyond the production center walls, enabling contribution of content to/from remote sites as well as the distribution of content to consumers and broadcast partners.

The next area that we’ll see IP become more prevalent will be in the core. This will encompass the linear flows of incoming content from cameras and transmission feeds including video/audio/data that need to be used at many destinations like video switchers, monitors, recording devices etc. IP becomes a logical enabler, which makes the constraints of a traditional SDI facility and bespoke video router and patching things of the past.

What’s your companies IP based flagship project or product?

At EVS we’ve adopted IP as a core enabler in both the design of new production equipment and in hybrid approaches to protect our customers’ existing investments. Through our next-generation video switching solution – Dyvi – we’ve used the best IT and IP technology to build a new distributed architecture which enables new ways to implement a creative video production switcher. We’ll also be bringing some new future-ready solutions to market that bridge the IP infrastructure changes being considered with SMPTE 2022 standards of today, while allowing flexibility to evolve with the changing standards of tomorrow.

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